Top Rated BIN Database Checker

In order to eliminate credit card fraud and other types of fraud committed through the internet, a lot of software applications have been released today. BIN checker database is one of such software applications that help in controlling credit card fraud. It is a database that contains useful information about different cards. Merchants use it today to look up information about the card used by shoppers on their various website for the purposes of matching them with the card details provided by their users. If the information provided is not consistent with the one contained in the database, it is an indication that something is wrong with the transaction. It can be confusing sometimes and difficult for first time buyers to choose a good database checker owing to the availability of many BIN database checkers with each being presented by its developer as the best.

If you want to purchase a BIN checker, it is your responsibility to discover top rated ones that will give you efficient and reliable results. You cannot afford to make any mistake in this regard because mistakes can be very deadly. Before you purchase any product, you need to find out the maker, how reliable and reputable is the maker and their products, the need of your business and whether the product will satisfy it or not. The only veritable means of finding out such information is to do a side by side product comparison based on the factors mentioned above. However, the products given below have become very popular and top rated on the market owing to their efficiency and accuracy. You can check them out to see if they are what you are looking for.


BinBase is a popular BIN db that have beaten the competition. Its BIN lookup list contains 234,000 numbers. However, the BIN checker does daily update of its database but to enjoy this feature, you have to pay some money. All the number contained in its database are correct and real. Another good aspect of this BIN checker database is that it is thorough in its BIN lookup. It checks a BIN against all 11 parameters; but a good number of BIN checker databases perform against 5 or 7.


BINDataSet is another reliable BIN checker database on the market today. It has beaten the competition with its large database containing 352,000 numbers in its records as of February 2013. The initial updates are made available to users free of charge. However, the subsequent ones are paid. In all, the database updates itself four times per year. The ongoing maintenance price is cheap as well. Once you purchase it, you will pay lesser amount as the annual fees.


ExactBins does not have large database but it is still a reliable BIN checker database. It has only 190,000 numbers in its BIN lookup. It verifies BIN utilizing 6 data points. On the positive side, it gives only accurate and legitimate information. It is a veritable means of looking up information about different types of cards including gift, prepaid, debit and credit cards.